Wordmonger Level 1649 answers

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The answer to this puzzle is:

10. MEND
11. MESS
12. MILE
13. MINE
14. DIM
15. MEN

Bonus words are:

lie, sin, mid, den, die, end, dime, isle, mild, slim, semi, miss, mind, side, line, send, smile, lid, led, med, din, sim, meld, lens, mindless, eld, nil, elm, lei, ids, eds, ems, sis, lin, mil, dis, sen, ins, les, del, limn, mils, elms, isms, mids, lins, leis, seis, mien, ides, dens, dims, sled, slid, lids, nils, meds, mise, sine, sins, lied, ness, deli, sims, lies, lien, ends, dies, limns, sidle, deism, mends, melds, snide, idles, slims, sleds, dines, delis, dimes, limes, semis, lends, mined, isles, liens, mines, lined, sends, minds, sides, miles, lines, limned, sidles, slimed, denims, misled, smiled, smiles, slides, missed, mildens, simnels, missend, dimness

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